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We need your help getting Thomas P. Kougias elected Circuit Court Judge of 9th Judicial Subcircuit. Exercise your right…Vote Democratic on March 15th.

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Thank you for visiting my election website. Please take this opportunity to learn more about my background. I encourage you to volunteer to help my campaign or to contact me if you need additional information. I would be grateful for your support in the Democratic Primary on March 15th, 2016.

I am running in the municipal election to become a Judge for the 9th Subcircut of the Circuit Court of Cook County. For over 27 years I have practiced law in both the civil and criminal courts of Cook County. I proudly served as an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for over 20 years under John “Jack” O’Malley, Richard Devine, and Anita Alvarez. During my time as an Assistant State’s Attorney, I successfully prosecuted hundreds of crimes, from misdemeanors, domestic violence cases, felony cases including but not limited to: narcotics, weapons charges, aggravated criminal sexual assaults, armed robberies and first-degree murders. Through my service to the People of Cook County, I have removed many serious offenders and weapons from our community in an effort to make it safer for everyone. I now continue to serve people in the community, albeit in a different capacity, as a solo practitioner with a primary focus in defense of the accused.

It would be an honor and privilege to continue to serve the public and our community in the capacity of Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County. I am committed to using my wealth of experience, compassion, and sense of fairness, to ensure Cook County continues to have the best judiciary in our country. I know that my broad legal and extensive trial experience as an attorney along with my knowledge of the law will allow me to serve the profession ably as a Circuit Court Judge.

Thank you,

Thomas P. Kougias

Kougias For Judge • 9th Judicial Subcircuit

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